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"Matchbook Romance"
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"Matchbook Romance"
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My Eyes Burn


Matchbook Romance

жанры: emo, rock, punk
альбомы: Stories and Alibis
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 858 просмотров
My eyes burn from these tears you'd think I'd learn over the years Good things won't last forever So what the hell am I supposed to do You only wanted the things I couldn't give to you and you had it all anywaySo take, take everything and leave me, scrambling Reaching for something that wasn't there in the first place Tell me I'm wrong when I say I can't expect you To spend forever with me I live for that single moment I take back everything I said You wore, those words on your lips as if they, meant anything anyway Sometimes I feel I could drop off the face of the earth it seems I do more harm than good I don't know if its worth me losing sleep over this
Это интересно:История группы «Matchbook Romance» началась в 1997 году, в Покипси (Poughkeepsie), Нью Йорк, когда Ryan Kienle (бас), Andrew Jordan (вокал, гитара), Aaron Stern (барабаны) и Ryan “Judas” Depaolo (гитара) собрались под вывеской «Getaway». Объединив... продолжение
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