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"Make Me Famous"
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"Make Me Famous"
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We Know It's Real


Make Me Famous

жанры: post-hardcore, metalcore
альбомы: It's Now Or Never
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1113 просмотров
Call me after midnight
Call me after midnightI stand alone watching the stars around me
I'm feeling so free
But I don't believe that I'm the only one
Who wants to know the truth about a million suns
And the lights that come to my dreams every night
And the lights that come to my dreams every nightI am not afraid and I'm not gonna pretend
That I don't want to touch it with my hand
Oh!Wherever I am it seems so close to me
And I already can not waitCall me after midnight
When the bright stars collide
To hear their cold silent scream (cold silent scream)
While they'll read our dreamsStraight to my face
Straight to my heart
So we no longer stand apart
No matter if your enemies
Or our Gods
We will no longer stand apart
[x2]The moon and the stars are calling all of us (calling all of us)
On a trip into the silver dust (silver dust)
I feel its light and this time I can not trust (I can not trust)
That it heals my scarsWe know it's real
We know it's real
We know it's real
We know it's real
It's real!Call me after midnightWe know it's realOur world's not standing still
And that's how we feel
And that's how we feelWe know it's real
We know it's real
We know it's real
Это интересно:Группа Make Me Famous состояла из 5 человек и играла в стиле пост-хардкор, электроникор. Такое имя группы было выбрано, чтобы обратить внимание на множество пороков нынешней молодёжи. Основал группу Денис Шафоростов, чей YouTube канал "Above92", где он выкладывал вокальные и гитарные каверы на популярные группы, достиг немалого количества просмотров. Объединив свои усилия с Сергеем Хохловым,... продолжение
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