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"Link 80"
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"Link 80"
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Verbal Kint


Link 80

жанры: punk, skacore
альбомы: 17 Reasons...
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 866 просмотров
At first look you would say that this man is just a gimp
he talks a lot
he lies a lot
he walks with a bad limp
but no one really knows him, no one takes the hint
a mastermind in fool's disguise his name is Verbal Kint
You could call him the devil the reason being this
the best trick the devil pulled, convinced the world he didn't exist
a devil in disguise, a wolf dressed as a lamb, just when you think he's gonna
fold he's got 4 aces in his hand.
he runs the underworld and no one sees his face,
he's killed 1000 men he's got a million different names
he's the baddest mother fucker that i have ever known,
he works hard for what he's got
he's got a heart that's made of stone
he'll make you doubt yourself
he'll play tricks with your brain
does he steal or does he kill
it doesn't matter,
it's all the same
he may seem a petty crook,
but he's no ordinary man
his name is Verbal Kint he's got the whole world in his hands
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Это интересно:Link 80 были образованы в 1994 году. Название своё группа взяла от названия дороги, по которой они ездили на репетиции в гараж ударника. В 1995 году на одном из шоу Ник Трайэна (Nick Triana) познакомился с Адамом (Adam Pereria – бас-гитарист Link 80), и впоследствии присоединился к группе. История Link 80 – это прежде всего история Ника Трайэны, именно он изменил звучание группы, сделав группу феноменальной, революционной... продолжение
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