At Last


Etta James

жанры: blues, soul, jazz

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.If I Can't Have You
  2. 2.Trust in Me
  3. 3.Prisoner Of Love
  4. 4.At Last★★★★★
  5. 5.A Sunday Kind of Love
  6. 6.Stormy Weather
  7. 7.My Heart Cries
  8. 8.Again
  9. 9.Anything To Say You're Mine
  10. 10.Fools Rush In
  11. 11.Girl of My Dreams
  12. 12.How Big a Fool
  13. 13.Don't Blame Me
  14. 14.It Could Happen to You
  15. 15.It's a Crying Shame
  16. 16.Dance with Me, Henry
  17. 17.We're in Love
  18. 18.Strange Things Happening
  19. 19.Spoonful
  20. 20.Tough Mary
  21. 21.My One and Only
  22. 22.I Want to Be Loved
  23. 23.Nobody Loves You Like Me
  24. 24.Someone to Watch over Me
  25. 25.My Dearest Darling
  26. 26.I Just Want to Make Love to You★★
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