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жанры: metal
альбомы: Downthesun
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1090 просмотров
Whats in your world

Nothing you care about, nothing you feel

How can you live

Always on the verge of realizing yourself

The master that we serve has raped our destiny

Were still enslaved were still enslaved

The master that we serve has shit our lives away

Were still enslaved, were still enslaved

Lifes pain you face

Everythings set now youre told what to do

Its all you know

Spinning like a cog in a pointless machine

Seeing truth now

Nothing from the sweat that was stole from you

Cutting yourself

Looking at your wrists as the blood hits the floor


Scream til you bleed

Looking at life though a crack in the mirror

Reflections all split as it becomes clearer

Devotions youve brought nothing to gain

With innocence lost all thats left is pain

Make it stop


Im enslaved
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Это интересно:Участники группы:Anthony "Satone" Stevens – вокал (1999–2003)Aaron Peltz – вокал (1999–2003)Lance "Kuk" Collier – бас-гитара (1999–2003)Nathan Church – клавиши/сэмплы, бэк-вокал, гитара (1999–2003)Danny Spain – ударные (1999–2003)Bruce Swink – гитара (2001–2003)Экс: Neil Godfrey (гитара 1999–2001) и Larry Mason (Bass).Земля надежды и безнадёжности. Добро пожаловать в downthesun! Это одно слово и написано оно маленькими буквами, и звучит... продолжение
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