Lick a Shot


Cypress Hill

жанры: rap, hip-hop, 90s
альбомы: Black Sunday/III, Live At The Fillmore, Strictly Hip Hop: The Best Of Cypress Hill, Original Album Classics, Collections
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 447 просмотров
Oh yea it is
Color is not important
Lick a shot
Oh, aah
Comin' at ya
FireZippedy do da, zippedy hey
Cried oh my, wanna get that punk with my AK
And get on the way
On the mission, puffin' on a fat ass jay
Prude, you can't hang
Flash back on the skills when I used to bang
On the corner
I'll warn ya
Gonna roll on ya
Hit ya with a golden rule
Don't turn your back on the street
When I hit that corner, feel the concrete
If ya push that by like nothin'
Watch me turn to a psycho all of a sudden
Blastin' at these fools with a passion
Look at the clock when it's time for some actionLet the gatt hum
(Lick a shot)
So I let the gatt humLet the gatt hum
(Lick a shot)
So I let the gatt humSunday mornin'
Wake up it's stormin'
Raindrops fallin' on my head, it's pourin'
Cats an' dogs
Pigs in a wagon
Lookin' for the Afro, one that's saggin'
An' fucked down town
Ploy me
Don't let your punk ass try me
Gonna take more
Then you better call your backup team
And wait for ya crew
I'm the one flippin'
Keepin' the clip
On my hip an'
Just watch your back if you're slippin'
Where did that twenty two
Come from?
When the bullet past through my lung
I've lost my breath I'm winded
I've been hit by a slug that wasn't intended
I hear thunder
I wonder
If a nigga like me's goin' under
Take a numberLet the gatt hum
(Lick a shot)
So I let the gatt humLet the gatt hum
(Lick a shot)
So I let the gatt humHad a bad dream
Woke up in a casket
Now I can't even get back at the bastard
This pine box
Ain't strong enough to contain the Afro Marx
Critical bell rings
Snapped out the dream
What the fuck's up with the funny red beam
Pointin' at me
I got no strap G
What now? Gotta duck, they're gonna gatt me
Bam, I feel numb
Where did the shotgun blast come from?Let the gatt hum
(Lick a shot)
So I let the gatt humLet the gatt hum
(Lick a shot)
So I let the gatt hum
Это интересно:Cypress Hill никогда не были обычной рэп-группой. Они всегда выделялись оригинальностью звука, который был уникален и отличен от звучания других коллективов. Их звук всегда был наполнен жизненной силой, истоки которой скрывались во множестве музыкальных стилей и влияний, которыми насыщен звук Сypress Hill.Пригород South Gate — маленький городок, в котором два подростка B-Real (Луис Фрис) и Sen Dog (Сенен... продолжение
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