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No Giving Up



жанры: rock, alternative
альбомы: Crossfade
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.5 / 1500 просмотров
So you found out today your life's not the same
Not quite as perfect as it was yesterday but
When you were just getting in the groove
Now you're faced with something new
And I know it hurts and I know you feel torn
But you never gave up this easily before
So why do you choose today to give it all away

Well it's not so bad y'all
Together we all fall
Just as long we get up we'll stand tall
We shouldn't waste another day
Thinking 'bout the things that we forgot to say

I'm hittin' back y'all
Kickin' these four walls
Just as hard as I can til I can't crawl
I won't waste another day
With all these silly things
Swimmin' in my brain

There's no giving up now
Do you really want to give this all away
Can't you ever see things in a different way
No giving up now
Such a beautiful thing to throw away
You should think things through
Over and over again
All over again

So your scars fade away
You soaked up the pain
A better person 'cause you lived through those days
And now you know what it's like to prove
You can overcome anything that gets to you
Well it's alright
We're sayin' our goodbyes
To the past and everything that ain't right
We won't waste another day
With all these silly things in our way


I know we have given
All that we can give
When there's nothing to lean on
Well, I remember this
All we make of this lifetime
Is always here within
And remembering that's why
We should never give in


There's no giving up now
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Это интересно:Все члены Crossfade - очень талантливые люди, и все они начали увлекаться музыкой в очень молодом возрасте. Они начали своё объединение в конце 90-х, когда Эд Слоан оставил свою первую группу «DarkChilde» и присоединился к Митчу Джеймсу и Брайну Гейджеру. Так образовалось хэви метал-трио «Nothing». Какое-то время они писали песни и давали свои "живые" выступления как в Атланте, куда группа на время... продолжение
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