Machine Gun



жанры: funk, 70s, soul, disco
альбомы: The Definitive Collection, Anthology, The Ultimate Collection: The Commodores, The Very Best Of The Commodores, Machine Gun, Gold
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 866 просмотров
"Happy new year first of all. I hope we'll have a million or two million
More of them... if we can get over this summer, he he he. right
I'd like to dedicate this one to the draggin' scene
That's goin' on all the soldiers
That are fightin' in Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York... oh yes, and all
The soldiers fightin' in Vietnam. like to do a thing called 'Machine Gun'."Machine Gun
tearing my body all apartMachine Gun
Tearing my body all apartEvil man make me kill ya
Evil man make you kill me
Evil man make me kill you
Even though we're only families apartWell I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber
(You know what i mean)
Hey and your bullets keep knocking me downHey I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber now
Yeah but you still blast me down to the groundThe same way you shoot me down baby
You'll be going just the same
Three times the pain
And your own self to blame
Hey machine gunOoooooooooI ain't afraid of your mess no more, babe
I ain't afraid no more
After a while your your cheap talk don't evern cause me pain
So let your bullets fly like rain'Cause I know all the time you're wrong baby
And you'll be goin' just the same
Yeah machine gun
Tearing my family apart
Yeah yeah alright
Tearing my family apartDon't you shoot him down
He's about to leave here
Don't you shoot him down
He's got to stay here
He ain't going nowhere
He's been shot down to the ground
Oh where he can't survive no noYeah that's what we don't wanna hear any more, alright
No bullets
At least here, huh huh
No guns, no bombs
Huh huh
No nothin', just let's all live and live
You know instead of killin'
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Это интересно:Известные такими хитами, как "Just to Be Close to You", "Easy" и "Brickhouse", Commodores были одной из самых востребованных и популярных групп в течение их долгого сотрудничества с Motown Records. Группе приписывают семь песен на первых позициях и массу песен в числе лучшей десятки чартов Billboard. Они создали огромную дискографию, состоящую более чем из 50 альбомов, которые до сих пор пользуются спросом…... продолжение
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