Amphetamine Annie


Canned Heat

жанры: blues, 60s, rock
альбомы: Canned Heat, On The Road Again, Canned Heat/Boogie With Canned Heat
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1163 просмотра
This is a song with a message
I want you to heed my warning
I wanna tell you all a story
About this chick I know
They call her "Amphetamine Annie"
She's always shovelling snow
I sat her down and told her
I told her crystal clear
"I don't mind you getting high
But there's one thing you should fear"
"Your mind might think its flying, baby
On those little pills
But you ought to know it's dying, 'cause
Speed kills"
But Annie kept on speeding
Her health was getting poor
She saw things in the window
She heard things at the door
Her mind was like a grinding mill
Her lips were cracked and sore
Her skin was turning yellow
I just couldn't take it no more
She thought her mind was flying
On those little pills
She didn't it was going down fast, 'cause
Speed kills
Well I sat her down and told her
I told her one more time
"The whole wide human race has taken
Far too much methedrine"
She said "I don't care what a Limey says
I've got to get it on
I'm not here to just see no man
Who come from across the pond
She wouldn't heed my warning
Lord, she wouldn't hear what I said
Now she's in the graveyard, and she's
Awfully dead
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Это интересно:Canned Heat — американская блюз-рок-группа, образованная в 1965 году знатоками и коллекционерами блюза Аланом Уилсоном и Бобом Хайтом (ныне покойными), которые возродили в своём творчестве огромное количество забытой блюзовой классики 20—30-х годов.ПредысторияБоб Хайт (Bob «The Bear» Hite, родился 26 февраля 1945 года в Торрансе, Калифорния, умер 6 апреля 1981 года в Венеции, Калифорния) воспитывался... продолжение
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