Blake Shelton

жанры: country, love
альбомы: Blake Shelton
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She left without leavin' a number
Said she needed to clear her mind
He figured she'd gone back to Austin
'Cause she talked about it all the time
It was almost a year before she called him up
Three rings and an answering machine is what she gotIf your callin' 'bout the car I sold it
If this is Tuesday night I'm bowlin'
If you've got somethin' to sell your wastin' your time, I'm not buyin'
If it's anybody else wait for the tone you know what to do
And P.S. if this is Austin I still love youThe telephone fell to the counter
She heard but she couldn't believe
What kind of man would hang on that long
What kind of love that must be
She waited three days and then she tried again
She didn't know what she'd say
But she heard three rings and thenIf it's Friday night I'm at the ball game
And first thing Saturday if it don't rain
I'm headed out to the lake and I'll be gone all weekend long
But I'll call you back when I get home on Sunday afternoon
And P.S. if this is Austin I still love youWell this time she left her number
But not another word
When she waited by the phone on Sunday evening
And this is what he heardIf your callin' 'bout my heart it's still yours
I should have listened to it a little more
Then it wouldn't have taken me so long
To know where I belong
And by the way boy this is no machine your talkin' to
Can't you tell this is Austin and I still love youI still love you
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Это интересно:Американский исполнитель кантри музыки. В 2001 дебютировал с синглом "Austin". Выпущенный как первый сингл с его одноименного дебютного альбома, "Austin" продержался пять недель на первом месте в чарте Billboard Hot Country Songs. Эта песня была первым синглом с его дебютного альбома, который стал золотым и произвел еще два хита в Top 20 hits.Его второй и третий альбомы, 2003' The Dreamer и 2004' Blake Shelton's... продолжение
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