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When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue


Black Moth Super Rainbow

жанры: psychedelic, electronic, experimental
альбомы: Dandelion Gum
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 365 просмотров
When the sun grows on your tongue,
You won't want to stop him.
You're gonna die, we're all gonna die,
We won't want to stop him.
Это интересно:Black Moth Super Rainbow is an American experimental band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their music contains elements of psychedelia, folk, electronica, and pop. Their distinctive sound is characterized by analog electronic instruments including the vocoder, Rhodes piano, and Novatron.A Graveface insert included inside the album Dandelion Gum describes them as such: "Deep in the woods of western Pennsylvania vocoders hum amongst the flowers and synths bubble under the leaf-strewn ground while flutes whistle in the wind and beats bounce to the soft drizzle of a warm acid rain. As the sun peeks out from between the clouds, the organic aural concoction of Black Moth Super Rainbow starts... продолжение
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