Seeing, Not Believing


Alan Silvestri

жанры: soundtrack
альбомы: The Avengers
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 679 просмотров
Seeing is believing
And in my arms I see her
She's here, really here
Really mine now
She seems at home here
Seeing is believing
I dreamt that it would be her
At last life is full
Life is fine now
Whatever happens, one thing is certain
Each time I see a train go by
I'll think of us
The night, the sky, forever
Seeing is believing
My life is just beginning
I'm touched and my head won't stop spinning
From winning her loveHe's young, very young
But a feeling...
I feel I know him
Seeing is believing
And I like what I see
I like where I am
What I'm feeling
What are we doing?
Can you believe it?
A starving actress and a starstruck boy
Oh well, I might as well enjoy
The momentShe's warm, and she's wild
And appealing
I feel I know herSeeing is believing
I never thought I'd be here
Is this really real
Or am I dreaming?
No way of knowing
Where this is leading
It's fun forgetting who we are
Who cares when now the world is far behind us?
Это интересно:Алан Сильвестри – американский композитор.Дата рождения – 26 марта, 1950Место рождения – Нью-Йорк, СШАСупруга – Сандра Сильвестри, трое детейВсего фильмов – 101Первый фильм – 1972Последний фильм – 2012Один из самых успешных и талантливых композиторов нашего времени. Его музыка имеет характерные особенности – ритмичность, отрывистость. Сильвестри... продолжение
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