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Bigger than back forth (De Leo bootleg)


Fedde Le Grand mr. V vs Super Mal Lifelike

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Lets go back! come on! and forth
Come on back, move your neck
Funky phat beats what'd you expect,
From two guys called,
Fedde, mr V, so if your ready
We gon' see yo' body yo' hands (put them up)
I said yo' hands (put them up)
If you got that [bad word]  light it up
And while you're up, everybody go back
To a place where youve been before,
Old school to the new, it's time to go forth
To a whole new level
Fedde, more bass and a little more treble
Cause [bad word] don't understand,
Mr v got the mic in his hands, so go
Cause we on course, better yet on track
Like a jockey to a horse,
Move back, like a girls [bad word] In a pair of tight jeans dancin' to this track
Stay on course, this is only the beginning
Cause we got more
To the days of simple [bad word] beats and tracks for days

Put your hands up for new york
I love my city, I like girls with [bad word] But, they gotta look pretty
Ha, you know I act silly, but nah, look, really
We wanna see you bouncin man
Matter fact lemme see ya'll clap your hands
C'mon shake ya hips, make it twist
Raise your hands, pump your fists
Where's my drink? to the bar, need a shot of patron
Got me buggin on the microphone
Talkin' all this [bad word] with Fedde Le Grand
But it's time for me to go and for ya'll to dance
So go back, and forth

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