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"Vertical Horizon"
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Falling Down


Vertical Horizon

жанры: alternative, rock
альбомы: Running on Ice
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 787 просмотров
Where does the time go
Spinning my wheels
Standing still
It's like running on ice
I only gain a little distance when I fall
How did I become a molecule
In the concrete of this city
Indifferent to my endless motion
In a space too small to see
Nonetheless expected to be
I only get a little attention when I fallAnd I'm falling
Falling down
Falling downCursed with reason
In a world so defiant
Without conclusion
This is the story
The story we live out
And it is the moral too
Look at me I'm falling for you
Shaking, crying
Hating lying to myself
I'm tired of telling myself it's OK
To be this tired
This sick and tired of the turns the world takes
And the people that it makes us be
And lately it appears to me thatAnd I'm falling
Falling down
Falling down
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Это интересно:Рок-группа Vertical Horizon была основана в 1990 году студентами Джорджтаунского Университета Метью Сканнеллом и Кейт Кейн; после выпуска в 1991 году дуэт переехал в Бостон и в 1992 году выпустил свой дебютный альбом «There and Back Again».... продолжение
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