Theophilus London

жанры: hip-hop, electronic, indie, new york, hip hop, rap
Это интересно: Theophilus London is an alternative rap artist from Brooklyn, NY, whose genre-bending approach draws from a range of styles, from soul-pop and post-punk to electro and contemporary R&B. Citing influences that include Michael Jackson and Prince as well as Kraftwerk and the Smiths, he began working with the New York City-based label Normrex in 2007. He made his label debut with a couple mixtapes, Jam! (2008) and This Charming Mixtape (2010), which circulated freely in the music blogopshere. London made his album debut in 2010 with This Charming Man, a stylistically wide-ranging full-length effort featuring an eclectic cast of vocal guests and production work by Normrex beatmakers Machinedrum, Jimmy... продолжение

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