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Thirty Years of Maximum R&B


The Who

жанры: rock, 60s, british

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.My Generation
  2. 2.I Can't Explain
  3. 3.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  4. 4.Substitute★★★★★
  5. 5.I'm a Boy
  6. 6.Boris The Spider
  7. 7.Happy Jack★★★★
  8. 8.Pictures of Lily★★★
  9. 9.I Can See For Miles
  10. 10.The Kids Are Alright
  11. 11.A Legal Matter
  12. 12.Pete Dialogue
  13. 13.I'm the Face
  14. 14.Zoot Suit
  15. 15.Leaving Here
  16. 16.Daddy Rolling Stone
  17. 17.Disguises
  18. 18.So Sad About Us
  19. 19.A Quick One, While He's Away
  20. 20.Early Morning Cold Taxi
  21. 21.The Last Time
  22. 22.I Can't Reach You
  23. 23.Girl's Eyes
  24. 24.Bag O'Nails
  25. 25.Call Me Lightning
  26. 26.Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
  27. 27.Armenia City in the Sky
  28. 28.Tattoo
  29. 29.Our Love Was
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