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The Secret Handshake

жанры: electronic, powerpop, electronica, indie, alternative
Это интересно: The Secret Handshake is the electronic pop rock music project of Luis Dubuc, from Dallas, Texas. He has released two full-length albums, two EPs and a mixtape in his four year run. The Secret Handshake is the musical project of self-taught musician Luis Dubuc, who began performing under the name in the early 2000s. Dubuc first got his start playing in a couple of bands with his friends, most notably spending time as the drummer for metallic hardcore unit Thirty Called Arson, who released the album You're Only a Rebel from the Waist Down through Pluto Records in 2003.Inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Daft Punk, he eventually began writing and recording some songs on the side... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «The Secret Handshake»:

Всего 4 альбома (отображено 1 - 4)

2007 год
  1. One Full Year
Альбомы без даты
  1. Summer Of '98
  2. This Is Bigger Than You And I Ep
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