The Robins

жанры: doo wop, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, oldies, 50s, pop
Это интересно: Californiaґs first "bird" group was formed when Ty Terrell Leonard and the Richard brothers Billy and Roy met at Alameda High School in San Francisco in 1945, and formed the "A-Sharp Trio" (no recordings). The trio came to Hollywood a year later, and in 1949 they were joined by Bobby Nunn, who worked at Johnny Otisґ and Alu Bardiґs club "The Barrelhouse" in Watts. The group became the third of the trend setting bird groups after the Ravens and the Orioles. Grady Chapman joined the group as lead singer and fifth member in 1953. From March, 1954 Carl Gardner substituted for Grady (who was... продолжение

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  1. Best of the Robins
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