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"The Kings of Frog Island"
  1. Hallucination

The Kings of Frog Island

жанры: stoner rock, psychedelic rock, psychedelic, space rock, stoner
Это интересно: The Kings of Frog Island are a stoner rock collective drawing from psychedelic, stoner, and retro rock traditions. The Kings of Frog Island formed in Leicester, England (hence Frog Island) in 2003, as a collaboration between guitarist and producer Mark Buteux along with R. "Doj" Watson, a founding member of the grunge/punk group Scum Pups and Mat Bethancourt, of the rock bands Josiah and The Beginning. The band released their debut, self-titled album with German-based Elektrohasch Records in 2005. Work on the first album involved some input from guest artists associated with members of the band's musical past, most notably, Matthew (Midge) Day of Scum Pups. Mathew Bethancourt left The... продолжение

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2008 год
  1. II
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