The Essex Green

жанры: indie, indie pop, elephant 6, twee, female vocalists, indie rock
Это интересно: Neo-psychedelic pop outfit the Essex Green was formed in mid-1997 after four members of the Burlington, VT-based Guppyboy – singer/guitarist Chris Ziter, singer/keyboardist Sasha Bell, guitarist Jeff Baron, and bassist Mike Barrett – relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Completing the lineup with drummer Tim Barnes, the group appeared at various New York City clubs before touring the East Coast with Aden and Saturnine, releasing a split single with the Sixth Great Lake in the spring of 1999. the Essex Green's full-length debut Everything Is Green appeared on Kindercore later that year, and a self-titled EP on Elephant 6 followed in early 2000; concurrently, both Bell and Baron also played in... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «The Essex Green»:

Всего 4 альбома (отображено 1 - 4)

2006 год
  1. Cannibal Sea
2003 год
  1. The Long Goodbye
Альбомы без даты
  1. Winter Sprinter Festival 2004
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