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"The Donkeys"
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The Donkeys

жанры: rock, alt-country, power pop, folk rock, new wave, punk
Это интересно: Armchair Martian, formed in the early 1990's, is a trio based out of Fort Collins, CO. They are a punk and Alt-Country band influenced by Descendents, Husker Du, and Uncle Tupelo. They have put out numerous recordings through four record labels, the latest being Suburban Home which released the "Good Guys, Bad Band" CD, (a compilation of out of print stuff) and re-issued their "Who Wants To Play Bass?" LP. Singer Jon Snodgrass later moved on to form Drag the River. The band has formed a close friendship with punk rock bands Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut, particularly main songwriter and vocalist of both groups Joey Cape. Both Joey Cape and Jon Snodgrass have been known to frequently... продолжение

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2006 год
  1. The Donkeys
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