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Left On Laura, Left On Lisa


The Avett Brothers

жанры: bluegrass
альбомы: Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions, Four Thieves Gone
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 331 просмотр
Nobody knows it but I am so sad
Nobody knows it but I am so sad
And that is the saddest of all my girl
That is the saddest of allWe climbed the ladder to the top of my house
Never letting go of your hand
The sky trades the moon for the sun my girl
The sky trades the moon for the sunAnd I gave to you my ugly brown coat
You made it pretty when you put it on
Warmth in the early morning chill my girl
Warmth in the early AprilThen you said you? d trade the love of a man
Tears fell soft from your face to my hands
Said you? d trade your heart for mine my girl
I traded my heart for those daysAnd you made it clear it was strictly a deal
Of springtime love and that? s how I should feel
So I set the clock back an hour my girl
I set the time a just rightYou see somewhere back there when I was boy
Furious I had become by the point
That men are just liars and thieves of sorts
Men are just liars and thievesBut I still believe and I stand by my words
I don? t know what you have seen or you? ve heard
But somebody? s lying to you my girl
Somebody? s lying to youYou really made me believe I could stay
Part with you actions in part what you said
But that was just foolish pride my girl
And those are only feelings insideSo I? m going back to the place where we met
I? m going to find the beer bottle we left
Wedged in the limbs of the tree that we sat in
Wedged in the magnolia treeWell we hid for days like a proud pair of thieves
Too sure we were right too stubborn too leave
Wasted with the moment we lifted my girl
Stolen forever with you
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