At the Beach


The Avett Brothers

жанры: bluegrass, alt-country, folk
альбомы: Mignonette
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 812 просмотров
I know that you're smilng baby
I don't even need to see your face
Sunset at the shoreline
and we are laughing
breaking up just like the waves
Are you feeling, feeling, feeling like im feeling
like im floating, floating up above that big blue ocean
sand beneath our feet, big blue sky above our heads
no need to keep, the stress from our everyday life
on our minds
we have got to leave all that behindWell I have got a sister,
and she has got a baby,
with brand new eyes
And her daddy is an engineer
and they just took her to the sea for
the first time
Now they're under under
underneath a big umbrella
summer, summer,
summer time to help us forget nine to five
we have got to leave all that behindI have worries to give to the sea
We can walk dear, the pier is farther than it seemsMidnight at the shoreline,
fireworks above us, a screaming bloom
they're sent from some teenager,
and kid whoever you are, i am thanking you
Now we're dancing, dancing
dancing with no music
what is happenin' happenin'
having no other feelings except this is right
we just had to leave all that behind
Это интересно:Вот уже больше десяти лет группа The Avett Brothers, где заправляют братья Сет и Скотт Эветты, соединяет энергию рок-н-ролла и блюграссовые гармонии. Эта взрывоопасная смесь привлекла Рика Рубина, который подписал выходцев из Северной Каролины на лейбле-гиганте Columbia и занялся работой над их первой пластинкой на лейбле такого масштаба. «Надо признать, что ребята полностью изменили жанр, - говорит... продолжение
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