The Complete Animals


The Animals

жанры: 60s, rock, blues

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.The House of the Rising Sun★★★★★
  2. 2.I'm Crying
  3. 3.Baby Let Me Take You Home
  4. 4.Around And Around
  5. 5.Talkin' Bout You
  6. 6.Boom Boom
  7. 7.I'm In Love Again
  8. 8.Bury My Body
  9. 9.Gonna Send You Back To Walker
  10. 10.It's My Life
  11. 11.Bring It On Home To Me
  12. 12.Let the Good Times Roll
  13. 13.I'm Going To Change The World
  14. 14.Worried Life Blues
  15. 15.For Miss Caulker
  16. 16.I Believe to My Soul
  17. 17.How You've Changed
  18. 18.Memphis Tennessee
  19. 19.Don't Want Much
  20. 20.Mess Around
  21. 21.I Ain't Got You
  22. 22.Roberta
  23. 23.Bright Lights Big City
  24. 24.I Can't Believe It
  25. 25.I've Been Around
  26. 26.I'm Mad Again
  27. 27.She Said Yeah
  28. 28.Take It Easy
  29. 29.The Right Time
  30. 30.Blue Feeling
  31. 31.Baby What's Wrong
  32. 32.F-E-E-L
  33. 33.The Girl Can't Help It
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