TV on the Radio

альбомы: Seeds
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 815 просмотров
Oh, it's the winter of the wanted
Yeah, it's the hardest part of nature
Lord, have mercy on this creature
Give me some heat, I know you've got it
And who knows what the summer's gonna bring us?
Comes on slow, gotta keep the fire in usSo completely in the dark now
I hope that night will last forever
Yeah, you know I like it better
When we're a little bit frightened
And who knows what the night is gonna show us?
And we'll go where nobody's gonna know usI was blinded by sympathy
For a minute, I was strung out
Got my eyes wide open now
I can see the storm ahead of me
I say "go" cause I know it's gonna clean us
No control, let the physical redeem usThis is my confession, yeah
Think I'll learn my lesson, yeah
This is my confession, yeahCan you hear me calling out
Like a siren to a sailor?
Only trip that last forever
Let the ocean take us over now
Gotta know that there's a chemistry between us
Gonna show that I want you and I need itLet the lightning strike me down now
As long as we're together
Can't think of nothing better
Than a union in the afterglow
Let it go, all the thinking and the reason
Here we go to the lovin' and the pleasin'Lay me down, if you know
Let's go out, I'm ready for
Lay me down, we can go on
Gonna keep you for the winter
Это интересно:TV on the Radio — нью-йоркская инди-рок группа, образованная в 2001 году. Стиль группы сочетает в себе такие жанры, как инди-рок, пост-панк, фанк, трип-хоп соул и электронная музыка (glitch, dubstep…). TV on the Radio дебютировали в 2002 году мини-альбомом «OK Calculator», выпущенным на собственные средства. Через два года коллектив записал пластинку «Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes», которая была удостоена престижной премии Shortlist... продолжение
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