Lover's Day


TV on the Radio

жанры: indie, experimental
альбомы: Dear Science
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 718 просмотров
Oh, but the longing is terrible
A wanton heart under attack
I wanna love you all the way off
I wanna break your backAnd color off all that's hysterical
Travels along your bones
Just to be near you, suckin your skin
Not gonna leave you aloneYes, here of course there are miracles
A lover that loves that's one
Groomed with the laughter, ecstatic disaster
Come let's arouse the funWe could build an engine out of all your rising stars
Tear apart the apart, we seem to think we are
Call off work let's lay
Call it lovers day, call it lovers dayGive me the keys to your hiding place
I'm not gonna tear it apart
I'm gonna keep you weak in the knees
Try to unlock your heartYou're gonna turn me animal
You're gonna turn me dumb
Kiss in the night bringing the light
You're like the rising sunI hunger for you like a cannibal
Not gonna let you run
I'm gonna take you, I'm gonna shake you
I'm gonna make you cumSwear to God it'll get so hot, it'll melt our faces off
Then we can see the you the me beyond mirror outside clock
Held naked in the light, held gently, held tight
So soft, get off, get offBall so hard we'll smash the walls
And break the bed and crash the floors
Don't stop to laugh and scream
And have the neighbors call the copsTill all the eyes have seen our fire play
Can't forget, you mark it down
Call it lovers dayYes, here of course there are miracles
Under your sighs and moans
I'm gonna take you, I'm gonna take you
I'm gonna take you homeI'm gonna take you home
I'm gonna take you home
I'm gonna take you home
I'm gonna take you home
Это интересно:TV on the Radio — нью-йоркская инди-рок группа, образованная в 2001 году. Стиль группы сочетает в себе такие жанры, как инди-рок, пост-панк, фанк, трип-хоп соул и электронная музыка (glitch, dubstep…). TV on the Radio дебютировали в 2002 году мини-альбомом «OK Calculator», выпущенным на собственные средства. Через два года коллектив записал пластинку «Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes», которая была удостоена престижной премии Shortlist... продолжение
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