Sad Girl



жанры: indie, britpop, british
альбомы: Road To Rouen
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1039 просмотров
Honey found time costs
You never learnt to economize
You look around and before you know
It's gone, turned to dustThere she goes, plays the part of sorrow
In the garden running free
Steady nerves, taking all the hard knocks
You've only got yourself
Falling out of love, making other plansLady knows how to go
Making eyes in a photograph
But we all know you're a lonely girl
All sad and lostThere she goes, walking out the front door
You've only got yourself in deep
Daily life driven to a cold heart
The only God you know is greedPeople in my head it goes break up the band
Man overboard, see Hollywood, run out of cash
Get out of bed, call off the dogs, take out the trash
Stare at the sun, man on the tracksCat out the bag, sit on the fence
You got blood on your hands
Run out of luck, don't lay down your arms
Curled on your bed and then do it all againAre times so lost
You wear the look of a modern girl
You wander round like a loaded gun
Armed for the causeThere she goes, walking out the front door
You've only got yourself in deep
Lord knows I closed your eyes for so long
You're in the garden running free
Это интересно:Оксфорд, Англия (1993 - 2010)Перед тем как собрать Supergrass, Gaz Coombes (вокал, гитара) и Danny Goffey (ударные) играли в группе The Jennifers. Они даже ухитрились выпустить один сингл на Nude Records в 1990 году, когда Газу было всего 14 лет. The Jennifers довольно быстро распались, и через некоторое время парни вместе с басистом Мики Куинном (Mickey Quinn) создали Supergrass и попали в точку. Почему они назвали группу таким образом... продолжение
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