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In Search Of Stoney Jackson


Strong Arm Steady

жанры: rap
дата: 26 января 2010
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is produced entirely by Madlib, longtime friend of Phil Da Agony and extended Strong Arm Steady family. The album’s conception owes a great deal to World Famous Beat Junkie, J.Rocc, who provided the trio with close to 200 of the prolific beatsmith’s tracks to choose from. Strong Arm Steady had previously rapped over Madlib productions on 2007’s Deep Hearted and on the Madlib and Talib Kweli Liberation album, but this full-length marks a long-desired collaboration between the four. It’s a hip-hop jam session, with the group acting as the rhythm section for an all-star cast of guest vocalists such as Planet Asia, Guilty Simpson, Evidence, Chase Infinite, and Phonte of Little Brother.

Under the direction of hip-hop’s abstract Quincy Jones, Stoney Jackson is a true expression of creative soul and spirit, and marks the next chapter in the Strong Arm Steady saga.

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  1. 1.Smile★★★★★
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