Kow Kow Calqulator


Steve Miller Band

жанры: rock
альбомы: Box Set, The Best of 1968-1973
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1357 просмотров
Kow kow calqulator
Was a very smooth operator
Had himself a pet alligator
Kept it in a chrome elevator, yeahWhen the sun began to shine
The alligator come outside
Kow kow played the chimes
Together they would go for a rideAs they travelled with a heavy load
They came across a dead horse at the side of the road
With two generals standing at each end
Fighting over whose fault it had beenAnd all that's left was this war
And they couldn't get things back together like they were beforeWell, listen
Turn on your love light
Turn it on, let it shine
Inside your heart
Let it shine, turn it on
Your love light
Turn it on
Turn it on
Let it shine
Inside your mindSo many times kow kow had heard it said before
Oh, don't, lord, don't go near that door
The cause of our evil you'll uncover
Because of our misery you discover
Well, misery seeks its own company
Kow kow had heard it saidNow he sits there crying
Oh, with his hands across his head
Kow kow calqulator
Oh, a very smooth operatorGet back in your elevator
Kow kow calqulator
Turn on your love light
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Let it shine
Это интересно:Стив Миллер (Steve Miller, род. 5 октября 1942 г.) — американский гитарист, создавший в возрасте 12-ти лет блюз-рок-команду, которая после многочисленных смен состава получила в 1968 году название Steve Miller Band.БиографияСтив Миллер родился в Милуоки 5 октября 1942 года. Мать его была певицей, а отец в свободное время занимался звукорежиссерскими делами, так что неудивительно, что... продолжение
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