Jackson-Kent Blues


Steve Miller Band

альбомы: Box Set, Number 5, The Best of 1968-1973
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 585 просмотров
I was down in Nashville just payin' my dues
Headed for Ohio when I read the news
'Bout the people demonstrating 'gainst the President's views
Four were shot down by the National Guard troops
Just like Uncle Sam I put on my fighting shoes
School shot down cause there's no more to lose
Now we're headed to D.C. two by twos
Cause those low down, profound, killin' four bluesLookin' for my Congressman to make it well known
But the politicians already won't answer his telephone
Making in his office while they're shooting kids down at home
Worried about the voters but he won't be worried longSilent majority still glued to the tube
Say CIA ain't lookin', FBI come unglued
Shot some more in Jackson just to show the world what they can do
While we're marching to D.C. cause there's too much to doGive peace a chance
Give peace a chance
There's no turnin' back my friend
There's no turnin' backWhen the President said that the tear gas is gone
The army's pulled out leavin' blood on the ground
The streets are empty and the crying's died down
You can be President if no one's around
Just like Kow Kow, you've heard it before
Get back gangster, don't you open that door
Space Cowboy's back to tell you the score
Nothing any good is gonna come from a war
Got those low down, profound, killin' four bluesGive peace a chance
Give peace a chance
Give peace a chance
Это интересно:Стив Миллер (Steve Miller, род. 5 октября 1942 г.) — американский гитарист, создавший в возрасте 12-ти лет блюз-рок-команду, которая после многочисленных смен состава получила в 1968 году название Steve Miller Band.БиографияСтив Миллер родился в Милуоки 5 октября 1942 года. Мать его была певицей, а отец в свободное время занимался звукорежиссерскими делами, так что неудивительно, что... продолжение
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