Snake Oil


Steve Earle

жанры: alt-country, country, americana, rock
альбомы: Copperhead Road
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 449 просмотров
Ladies and gentlemen, attention please
Come in close so everyone can see
I got a tale to tell
A listen don't cost a dime
And if you believe that we're gonna get along just fineNow I've been travelin' all around
I heard trouble's come to your town
I've got a little somethin'
Guaranteed to ease your mind
It's call snake oil y'all
It's been around for a long, long timeWell your crops will burn if it don't rain soon
Ain't seen a drop since the tenth of June
Well I can open up the sky
People have no fear
If you ain't impressed yet, tell me what you want to hearWell you lost your farm so you moved to town
Get a job, they shut the factory down
Now you sit around all day long feelin' sad and blue
You need snake oil y'all, tell you what I'm gonna do, step right upI can heal the sick and I can mend the lame
And the blind shall see again, it's all the sameWell ain't your President good to you
Knocked 'em dead in Libya, Grenada too
Now he's taking that show, a little further down the line
'Tween me and him, people, you're gonna get along just fine, hupIt's called snake oil y'all
Snake oil y'all
Ah snake oil y'all
Called snake oil y'all
It's called snake oil y'all
It's been around a long long time
Это интересно:Stephen 'Steve' Fain Earle (pronounced /ˈɜrl/) (born January 17, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter known for his rock and country music as well as his political views. He is also a published writer, a political activist and has written and directed a play. In the later part of his career, after troubles with the law, drug addiction and his uncompromising viewpoints, he has become known as "the hardcore troubadour".Musical careerIn 1975, Earle moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he met and worked with Guy Clark and his wife Susanna. Clark was active in Earle being employed as a songwriter by the Sunbury Dunbar publishing division of RCA. Earle did backing vocals... продолжение
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