Shop Boyz

жанры: hip-hop, rap, dirty south, hip hop, southern rap
Это интересно: It all happened so quickly. Or so it seemed. One day Sheed, Meany and Fat were grease monkeys at a makeshift garage in their Bowen Homes neighborhood, the next they were swiftly-rising hip-hop stars, headlining shows across the country, and earning a Grammy nomination. Though the success appeared to transpire overnight, Shop Boyz’ rise to fame took many years and continues to progress even still.Cousins Demetrius “Meany” Hardin and Richard “Fat” Stephens grew up with best friend Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower in the notorious Bankhead area of Atlanta, the stomping ground of some of the city’s most successful hip-hop artists (T.I. and D4L, among them). They worked on cars, hustled,... продолжение

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