True Romance


She Wants Revenge

жанры: electronic, indie, synthpop, darkwave
альбомы: This Is Forever
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 735 просмотров
Open your eyes and see me, 
Tell me that it's not too late. 
Whisper to me a sad song, 
Weighing us down in shame. 
I always said I believed you, 
You told me that was so clich©. 
And with every kiss I resented you 
Because your feelings never got in the way 

[Chorus 1]
I know that you never loved me; 
I know that you never cared at all, 
Maybe just one more dance 
Cause that's as close as you're gettin' to a true romance

Open your heart and feel me, 
Tell me you don't feel the same. 
I dig down deep for forgiveness, 
And still you're busy placing the blame. 
This isn't about right or wrong now,
It's not about wasted time. 
I should have paid closer attention, 
But I didn't bother reading the signs. 

[Chorus 2]
I know that you never loved me; 
I know that you never cared at all, 
No my love we can't be friends, 
In face I liked you much better
When you'd just pretend.

[Chorus 1]

Open your arms and hold me, 
Tell me it'll be alright. 
Tell me the thing you've never told a soul
That keeps you up at night. 
When could you tell it was over? 
When did you turn on me? 
I'd cry if I thought it would change your mind
Cry for the girl I hoped you to be.

[Chorus 2]
[Chorus 1]
Это интересно:Группа образована в 2003 году двумя диджеями из Лос-Анджелеса Джастином Уорфилдом и Адамом Брэвином, для которых источником вдохновения явились Bauhaus и Depeche Mode.Музыканты были приняты на лейбле Geffen, где в 2006 году вышел EP "She wants revenge", который стал главной... продолжение
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