Live From Paris



жанры: latin, pop, spanish, rock
дата: 2011
Это интересно:

Live From Paris is the DVD Concert from Shakira's successful tour, Sale El Sol, filmed June 2011, at the Palais Omnis Ports De Bercy. The show includes Shakira's biggest hits from “Inevitable” to “Hips Don't Lie”. She also pays tribute to, Frances Cabrel, by singing “Je L'aime A Mourir”. From beginning to end, it is Shakira at her best. A guaranteed musical experience, shot in HD giving and also available with 5.1 surround sound. Enjoy the Sale El Sol concert from the best seat in the house!

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Underneath Your Clothes★★★
  2. 2.Whenever, Wherever★★★★
  3. 3.Te Dejo Madrid
  4. 4.She Wolf★★★★★
  5. 5.Hips Don't Lie★★★★★
  6. 6.Why Wait
  7. 7.La Tortura★★★
  8. 8.Gypsy★★
  9. 9.Sale el Sol
  10. 10.Loca
  11. 11.Antes de las Seis
  12. 12.Waka Waka
  13. 13.Ciega sordomuda
  14. 14.Inevitable
  15. 15.Ojos Asi
  16. 16.Pienso en Ti
  17. 17.Las de la Intuición
  18. 18.Nothing Else Matters/Despedida Medley
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