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  1. Get Out My Head
  2. Lost In Your Love
  3. Vampires


жанры: dubstep, breakbeat, electronic, jungle, grime, house
Это интересно: Redlight is a Bristol raised, London based artist. He started out in the early 2000s under the alias DJ Clipz, with a string of releases on various Drum & Bass labels including Full Cycle and Digital Soundboy. In 2009 he diversified his production style and adopted the alias Redlight, setting up the label 'Lobster Boy' for his productions and debuting with the EP The Lobster Boy EP.2010 saw the release of two dance floor recordings. The first, Stupid on Digital Sound Boy featuring the vocals of Roses Gabor. The second single What You Talking About!? on Chase & Status' MTA Records (a subsidiary of UMG imprint V2), which featured Ms. Dynamite.In 2011 Redlight released... продолжение

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2012 год
  1. Get Out My Head
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  1. Lost In Your Love
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