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"Redd Kross"
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Redd Kross

жанры: power pop, punk, rock, indie rock, alternative, punk rock
Это интересно: 1. ROOT (Psychedelic/Space Rock • United Kingdom) began as a three piece in Leicester, playing pubs, selling demos and getting local press coverage. Eventually it was time to move on to new challenges.Having very strong progressive rock influences, I was determined to go in that direction. Realising that it was not going to be suitable for pub gigs, I decided my only option was to record my songs.I soon found out why one-man progressive acts are so rare. How does a Singer/Guitarist now play Bass like Chris Squire/Geddy Lee/Roger Waters, Keyboards like Rick Wakeman/Tony Banks/ Rick Wright, and Drums Like Neil Peart/ Phil Collins/Alan White/Bill Bruford, while still developing as a singer... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «Redd Kross»:
1991 год
  1. Born Innocent
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