Funky Squaredance



жанры: indie, electronic
альбомы: United
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 810 просмотров
Hopeful days and stormy nights
I ain't got much to win, not much to lose
Under the burden of my loneliness
It feels so hard to win, so hard to lose
I won't enjoy my collection of stamps
When I'm six feet under the groundLonely streets and dusty roads
Lord, it's a long way to go back home
Under the burden of your heart of stone
You shrug your shoulders as I decomposePlease keep a eye on those red haired boys
Someday they'll play drum with my shinbones
Now you're chewing gum on my coffin
Take me where I long to beI can't believe that you want me to wear
The evening tails that will fit my corpse
I don't need a tuxedo
There's no bouncer in the after worldI only just left my dying bed
And you're making curtains out of my shroud
Don't you dig my grave with some excavator
Use a blood stained sword and a snow-white horse, pleaseA last ride in the city's hearse
Few miles away from Heaven above
A few more minutes 'til they bury me
A few more weeks 'til worms lick my bonesI won't enjoy my collection of stamps
When I'm five feet under the ground
Stormy days and lonely nights
Lord, it's a long way to go back home
Это интересно:Phoenix ( чит. Феникс). Музыкальные критики никак не могут никуда определить этих французов, которые играют совершенно непредсказуемую музыку. Да, они любят house, но кроме этого они любят Сержа Гинзбурга, AC/DC, country и R-n-B. Среди кумиров Phoenix прописались и мирно уживаются: Майкл Джексон, Эннио Морриконе, Эдди Ван Хален и Игги Поп.Все это, наверное, оттого, что Париж - город космополитов, а ведь именно... продолжение
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