жанры: indie, power pop, rock, indie rock, drum and bass
Это интересно: Существует несколько исполнителей под этим ником:1 - Ozma - Rock Band:Streaming their very own vision of puissant alternative pop/rock, Ozma started its operations in 1995. Daniel Brummel (vocals, bass), Jose Galvez (guitar), Ryen Slegr (guitar), and Patrick Edwards (drums) secured the lineup of this Pasadena crew, that during several years played almost anywhere in the California state area. In 1999, after the addition of keyboard expert Star Wick in 1998, the band managed to collect ten songs for their first demo, titled Songs of Inaudible Trucks and Cars. In 2000, the Californians edited their second title, the album Rock and Roll Part Three,... продолжение

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