New Order

жанры: electronic, 80s, post-punk, synthpop
альбомы: Low-Life
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 346 просмотров
I've been waiting to hear your voice for too long now
One way conversations do not work somehow
Tell me how does one get your soul in touch with the one above
When one way conversations pay a price for the use of love
I tried so hard last night you would not talk to me
I live with the fear of the few with the gift
And I know what's going to beWhy did you never speak my name in front of my family
You gave a gift that you then took away
Like you never did before
Your name might be God but you don't say that much to me
Your name might be God but you don't say that much to me
We might be your black sheep
But you forgot us a long time ago
We might be your lost sheep
But it's time you remembered us nowAs we spent our days together, nothing could go wrong
No one told the truth about it because it was so strong
If you ever think of me, if you hear my name
If you read between the lines, you'll hang your head in shame
These ? ? ? ears will never hear, the ice will never freeze
Whatever I have done for you I did because you complained( whatever you may think of me whatever you may say
I've lived my whole life in danger,
You've lived your life in hate )*
Это интересно:New Order - английская рок-группа, образованная в 1980 году Бернардом Самнером (вокал, гитара, синтезатор), Питером Хуком (баc-гитара, бэк-вокал) и Стивеном Моррисом (барабаны, синтезатор) в городе Солфорд, графство Большой... продолжение
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