Wood Guitar


Neutral Milk Hotel

альбомы: Hype City Soundtrack
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1037 просмотров
Here we are
A final moment
Found inside a wood guitar
That splits the seams wide open
But oh, because I know who you are
You paint the doors and walls
And listen for the bell-chime calls
And life is nothing more at all
Than tea-cup drips and bouncing balls
And oh, it's real and never fading
I'll listen to the strings you strum
And all the words you're saying now

Oh, sing a song
A song with feeling
That sounds best when you've hit the bong
And concludes deeper meaning
But oh, because I know sometimes
All the thoughts can sometimes hit
Confusion as the record skips
But who needs fools to think you're hip
When all the world is full of shit
And oh, I hear the tunes you're playing
It splits inside the summer sky
It's softly cascading on
Это интересно:Как легко расставить все по местам: “fuzz folk” – невнятное понятие объяснит ли суть Neutral Milk Hotel? «Я не считаю себя фолк-исполнителем», - Джефф Мэнгам не желает заковывать себя в кандалы терминов. Он любит экспериментальную музыку и болгарское этно, из имен – три Джона, Колтрейн, Кейдж и Кейл. Психоделичный и сюрреалистичный... продолжение
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