1000 Mile Journey



жанры: metal
альбомы: Mudvayne
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 629 просмотров
Long's the life, steeps the climb, I took the match
and lit the fire, fire
pain for the pain, my guts ache, built by the sin
that was taught by the father, the father
now come and walk with meChorus:A journey of a 1000 miles it starts with one step
Plowing out the rows, the bleeding of the rose
A butterfly's wings can start tornados don't ya know
harvesting the souls, burying the bonesDeep is the hole, shovel's always full, I bit the dog
and beat the master, master
Eye for an eye, tooth's been pulled, lost all control
that was taught by the mother
The mother, now come and walk with meChorusAnother feeble man, arms outstretched in a distant land
wonders where it all went wrong
he's followed us too long
Another fallen man, that failed to make a stand
what have I done wrong, left here all alone
The voice inside my head, is it me or an alien
throw me down the stairs, since I just don't care no moreI can't take wind. I can't fight the storm, anymore
I don't have the will. I can't be the storm, anymoreChorus+The hurricane's eye is like the calm before the storm
darkening the shore, settling the score
A butterfly's wings can start tornados don't ya know
harvesting the souls, burying the bones, of old
Это интересно:Американская группа Mudvayne была создана в 1996 году тремя неформалами с необычными псевдонимами: гитарист Gurrg (он же Грег Триббетт), барабанщик Spag (он же Мэттью МакДоноу), вокалист Kud (он же Чад Грэй). Басист Ryknow (он же Райан Мартини) появился в группе только два года спустя.Участники группы не ограничивались музыкальным творчеством. Параллельно с написанием песен они создавали визуальный... продолжение
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