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жанры: drum and bass, dnb, liquid funk
Это интересно: The present name - Kirill. Was born on December, 22nd, 1989 in St.-Petersburg. as started to listen to electronic music in 1998. Mainly it was "The prodigy". But the same year Kirill for the first time hears rhythms of drum'n'bass by radio. But only per 2004 it tries to write his firsta track. At first all was very primitively and nonprofessionally, but later year Kirill gets acquainted with producer by name Selector (the present name Peter Shershnev) and writes with him track calls "In Depth" which in the further gets in some mixes Russian producers, and also sounds by radio RECORD in broadcast Pirate Station which conducts known... продолжение

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  1. Breeze EP
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