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"Memphis Bleek"
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Do It All Again


Memphis Bleek

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: M.A.D.E.
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1349 просмотров
i would change a thing if i had to live my life all over, ohhhh baby girl, i would do it all again if i had to live my life, my life, i would...

i would do it all again(all again)
if i had to live my life all over(ya know)ohhh baby
i'd do it all again, if i had to live my life all over, ohh i would

memphis bleek-
same hustle man, same struggle man, yea i'd do it again if i have to
still the same way,still the game pay, still that young nigga, still slang yay
i wouldnt change a thing, and my momma did it all by herself she sayin the same thing
listen, you hear when she whisper, i get the chance i fix her the days i slipped up
and my man that passes, i'd tell him i love him and hug him before he pass, raise his daughter as if she was mine, still meet the same girl and still have mine
i thank god that maleek met sean, i throw the diamond up higher in every song
and on the drum i go through it again, the hood dont love me still i walk through it again, hear me
i wouldnt change one fact and if had come back and i couldnt live black, got me
but momma love me, im from the ghetto and only god judge me


lil cease-
ohh i would change a thing
same shit to basics, same house, same spouse, same pops i came wit, same gun,same case, same nigga's i bang wit, i'll be big right now before i change shit
just roll me up a "L" and live life and just do what i do, its so lovely when its right
but when its wrong i just play along, get hit bounce back and like theres really nothin wrong
and i still struggle, still bubble, no matter if im broke or rich i'll still hustle, still get nigga's to touch you it my life ( and i'd do it all again)
(i'd do it twice) and i wont change a thing, maybe two, i'd bring Big and Pac back, put em in the same room, let em politic and make peace in the same room, once the game dead then u know we all dead too.
and then we back on the block, wit the crack in the sock, i take it how it come from the bottom to the top, im signin wit bleek and im ridin wit the ROC


Geda K-
yo i talk to my fam, i lost, and let em how i feel from my heart wit out the here no more and its
no lies i'd do it all again from the start of my life to the night my momma died
i would of told her i love her, and it all kept ? let her kno i'll always be here for you
apoloigize to my grandma the stress i put her through, and to my dad i aint mad at you
even tho u wasnt there wit out you, i wont be here, so i gott be fair, still no love loss over here, to my rest in road dogs. yeah
why change in my ressurection i be back in my sty strip, wit the same click, hustlin the game chips
explain this, if i had to live all over i'd do it, let barbara have this kid all over( watch me)
get it quick, servin the public, spend a lil more time wit my big brother lip, still be fam wit cease, proof, cali, and bleek hollerin get low prally,watch my life repeat.

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Это интересно:Malik Thuston Cox (born June, 23, 1978), better known by his stage name Memphis Bleek or "Bleek", is a New York rapper mainly known for his tenure with Roc-A-Fella Records and CEO of his own label Get Low Records. He has released four albums during his career with Coming of Age and The Understanding certified and M.A.D.E. certified gold, and he released 534 in 2005 and The Process in 2010.
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