Matt Nathanson

жанры: singer-songwriter, acoustic, indie, acoustic rock, rock
Это интересно: Matt Nathanson (born March 28, 1973 in Lexington, Massachusetts) is an American singer-songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock music. In addition to singing, he plays acoustic (usually a twelve-string) and electric guitar, and has played both solo and with a full band. He is perhaps best known for his platinum-selling song "Come On Get Higher", as well as his comedic personality.Studio albums * 1993: Please * 1997: ERNST * 1998: Not Colored Too Perfect * 1999: Still Waiting for Spring * 2003: Beneath These Fireworks * 2007: Some Mad Hope Live albums * 2006: At the Point EPs * 2002: When... продолжение

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