Let Me


Master P

альбомы: America's Most Luved Bad Guy
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1116 просмотров
feat. Curren$y

[Master P]
This goes out to anybody in the club
That's with somebody and wanna to be with somebody else
I mean, some of y'all ain't got y'all shit together
And wanna be with a baller, let 'em go

[Chorus (4x):]
[Master P]
Let 'em go (let 'em go)
Let 'em go (let 'em go)
Don't handcuff 'em whodi let the girl work the floor

[Master P]
You just security for the night whodi, you ain't the police
See your girl wanna be free, and if you show her drinks on me
And if she wanna play a little, then let her play
But if y'all happy enough, I'm sorry y'all have a nice day
'Cause I ain't no homewrecker
But baby look at what you missed
24's on the ride and ice on the wrist
I wanna take you out the hood and let you live like Nick Jassiter??
Roll with this thug but you gotta get rid of that cancer
Then we can beep beep, I mean, creep creep
I ain't the Ying Yang Twins but you know I like to skeet skeet
And that boy got a chick I like
But I just came in the party I ain't came to start a fight

[Chorus (4x)]

Yeah, they know the kid roll up on them 21's
Diamonds on my wrist reflectin' colors like some Lucky Charms
Niggaz grabbin' they girls and puttin' cuffs up on me on
She think she all hot but she was until she met the don
I got my game from the Colonel spit a flame at her
Burnin' with nothing, the girl around me 'cause I set her up
But my aim ain't to hurt, I know my name
And I con her I might hit her with some G but I won't stack her up
Hot spitter man, money and cars I got it
Young like ?? we'll come too my house and talk about it
Shorty diggin' on me, just let her step with the dog
Take them handcuffs off a whodi you ain't a wrestler frog

[Chorus (4x)]

[Master P]
Let 'em go
So if they came with you, and don't leave with you
Don't trip
Just let 'em go
'Cause tomorrow, you can do your thing, you heard
That's some real game
Club over now
Go home
Fuck, go cry or something
We ain't bout to fight behind no broad
I got money, I'm out
Это интересно:Когда человек увлечен рэпом, он не делит представителей любимого стиля на своих и чужих. Их не так много, чтобы можно было капризничать. И что удивительного в этом самом рэпе, никому не известный исполнитель может возглавить горячую двухсотку "Биллборда", оставив не у дел своих знаменитых коллег и прочих музыкантов. Недавно такой подвиг совершил американский рэппер Перси Миллер... продолжение
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