1/2 On A Bag Of Dank


Master P

жанры: rap
альбомы: Ice Cream Man
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 858 просмотров
Light ya joints, lets have a muthaphukkin smokeoff
yall niggas bout ta see more of that country ass muthaphukkin Masta P
from New Orleans to Richmond California,
that nigga crazy ass, but check this out
Cali got that good ass weed, that good ass weed, that good ass weed
them niggas in Cali got that good ass weed
thats why Im on my way to the NorthsideIm so toke
I guess Im gone of that green sticky
just ripped a muthaphukkin hole in my brand new dickies
from walkin to close to the fuckin barb wire
thats when I know Ive got 10 dollars on some fire
If you can do this muthaphukka
lets get a twenty
fuck white zig zags
I need some brown stickys
I mean that swisha go good with that dank
niggas be gettin fucked up in my hood like they smokin crank
but we not we gettin higha than fire
but I wont stop smokin dank till I retire
I wonder do they have dank up in heaven
and if they do Ill prolly do a muthaphukkin 211 (Me too)
for a bag of that green sticky
Up in heaven a nigga runnin round crazy like he done took a bicky
Im not Dre, but I dont want nuttin but chronic
this dank keep me comin back like Im hooked on phonicswhat ever ya want whatever ya need fool I got it
well lets go half on a bag of dank
whatever ya want whatever ya need fool I got it
well lets go half on a bag of dankLets meet my homie
that fool got hella weed
he sells like spanish fly
makes bitches get on their knees
hoes be suckin dick
fo that green sticky
like this bitch named Michelle
and my partner Ricky
fo a half a joint
that bitch got toasted
drama in motel 6 gettin roasted
legs all open drawers under the bed
she didnt know where she was at (where you at girl)
my little potnah was hittin it in her mouth into her throat
Hoes be smokin that dank to keep their nerves calm
I be smokin on that shit to get my perv on
It go good with that gin and juice and squishy sqeek
thats how we do it every day of the week
I dont sleep but at night I get the munchies
and afta I eat I be back smokin them green crunchieschorus x6yeah
lets go half on a bag of dank
I mean that green sticky
and how you do it
when you blowin?
you inhale
Это интересно:Когда человек увлечен рэпом, он не делит представителей любимого стиля на своих и чужих. Их не так много, чтобы можно было капризничать. И что удивительного в этом самом рэпе, никому не известный исполнитель может возглавить горячую двухсотку "Биллборда", оставив не у дел своих знаменитых коллег и прочих музыкантов. Недавно такой подвиг совершил американский рэппер Перси Миллер... продолжение
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