жанры: indie, indie pop, female vocalists, mellow, pop
Это интересно: Loquat is an electronic/pop band based in San Francisco, California. The group is currently composed of Kylee Swenson Gordon (vocals/guitar), Christopher Cooper (keyboards), Anthony Gordon (bass guitar), and Chip Cosby (guitar).Loquat began with singer Kylee Swenson and Earl Otsuka writing songs in San Francisco in 1996. However, it wasn't until 2001 that the band came into being in its current form, when bass player Anthony Gordon encouraged the then-duo to play live shows. They recruited drummer Christopher Lautz and original keyboardist Ben Kasman, and Loquat played their first live engagement in September 2001. Loquat self-released their first EP, The Penny Drop, in May 2002. It was... продолжение

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