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"Kishore Kumar"
  1. Yeh Kya Hua

Kishore Kumar

жанры: bollywood
Это интересно: Division Of Laura Lee is a band of Swedish musicians/skateboarders originally from Vänersborg, Sweden heavily influenced by post-punk bands, britpop and the DC music scene (Dischord Records). The name comes from Laura Lee, a soul singer, and the phrase "Division Of" which was spotted on a cardboard box at their practice space. The band resides in Gothenburg, Sweden.In 2011 Division Of Laura Lee started working on a new album with Jason Lytle.Two of the founding members also play in Frantic Mantis.Members:Håkan Johansson: DrumsPer Stålberg: Guitar, VocalsJonas Gustafsson: Bass, VocalsDavid Fransson: Guitar, Vocals (2000–Present)Henrik... продолжение

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  1. Kishore: Melodies Of The King
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