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  1. Jag undrar
  2. Vägskäl


жанры: swedish, pop, 90s, indie, korean
Это интересно: BERGRAVEN was concieved in the early years of the new millenium as a one-man band by Sweden’s multi-instrumentalist Pär Gustafsson. Gustafsson’s interpretation of the bandname is ”The dark mountain”, i.e. the one you find within your own soul. The early recordings were slow and rather traditional Black Metal, with lyrics all in Swedish concerning death, superstition and the ruin of man.2007 saw the release of ”Dödsvisioner” (”Visions of Death”), which can be considered the break-through of Bergraven. Most black elements are stripped away, leaving a doomy dark metal core with eerie cinematic passages, hauntingly epic clean guitars and an at times rock-like sensability infused... продолжение

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1996 год
  1. Jumper
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