Jackie Wilson

жанры: soul, oldies
альбомы: The Very Best of Jackie Wilson
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 753 просмотра
From my heart I give thanks to you

For, stayin at my side was more than what I, sent you through

But havin faith in me, though I had none in myself

For givin all your love to me, instead of someone eles

Time after time you saved our love from destruction

Assuring me of, with your smile and affection

Now I feel the joy, the joy of every girl and boy

I said, you showed me how to be happy

You showed me how to be happy

I'd swallow all my pride, if I, were to say

I've been a perfect fool, a perfect fool in every way

I'll make it up to you, times I've hurt you so

The last thing I would do, honey, just to let you know

If I lose you now, I don't think I could make it

I don't see how my old heart would take it

To let my love miss out the happiness

That you're all about, I said that you, 

Showed me how to be happy, said you

Showed me how to be happy, baby

Once I was all alone and I did not

Have nobody for my own

You picked me up, did not let me down

And I'll love you for ever more

You make my day, seem brighter and brighter

You make my friends grow lighter and lighter

My life I would give for love, I'd gladly thank the Lord above

You, showed me how to be happy, baby

You showed me to how to be happy, baby

Every day of my life, I need somebody like you baby...
Это интересно:Уилсон Джеки (Jackie Wilson), полное имя Jack Leroy Wilson, Jr. (9 июня 1934 — 21 января 1984), — афроамериканский певец из Детройта, работавший на стыке ритм-энд-блюза и рок-н-ролла.Первую вокальную группу Джеки Уилсон создал в 17лет. После неоднократной смены состава она стала называться The Dominoes. Вместе со своей группой он участвовал в знаменитом шоу Алана Фрида "Бал лунного пса" в марте 1953г., которое... продолжение
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